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The Diviner Audiobook (Blessing Giver Book 3)

The Diviner Audiobook (Blessing Giver Book 3)

An enemies to lovers, epic fantasy romance. Book #3 in The Blessing Giver series.

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Her friends believe her a traitor.

She believes him a monster.

After Reiman’s death, Bella slips into a vipers pit by joining Gerrish and the Heralds, a group that serves the Dark Sister.

Her goal isn’t initiation. Bella has trained her whole life to bring down The Heralds and save the magic of Ariathne that binds their realm as prophecy foretold.

But Gerrish has a secret. Though he isn’t of the bloodlines, he holds dark power from the Goddess, and can sense when Bella draws from the magic. As Bella dives deeper into her deception, Gerrish pulls her into his inner circle, exactly as she hoped.

The only problem? Gerrish isn’t the monster she imagined him to be. As Bella’s heart softens toward him, she may not be capable of doing what she knows she must.

Kill Gerrish and save the magic.

Bella is no stranger to death. But can she take the life of the man she’s beginning to love?

With thrilling twists and heart-stopping revelations, The Diviner will leave listeners breathless until the very last minute. If you love Throne of GlassDefy the Night, or the Grishaverse, you’ll adore this third installment in The Blessing Giver series.

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About the Author

Cindy Gunderson is a voice actress and award-winning author. She currently resides in Denver with her handsome husband Scott, four kids, and cat Snickers.

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